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There is not another second of our lives that we should live without publicly Honoring those precious Souls who have gone before us by blunt force. These human beings deserved to live life just as we all live it today. They deserved to be here as a gift from their God, just as we all are living today as a gift from our God, having that sense of Thanksgiving or should have. I invite every person who has compassion for Families of murder to often visit our website to say something to these Victims; they need your compassion; this website will be their go-to place. Join us in caring for those who have suffered the atrocity of loved ones being ripped from their lives by murder. We need your voice so that Victims near and far can hear it.


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There was once a time that giving was a one-man show in our lives. If I chose back then to give to those in need, my gift stood alone, but today giving individually has been enhanced by the ability to ask your employer to match your gifts. This added feature has lifted many of our nonprofit entities to the state of being more than just a struggling charitable company that helps on a minimal level, but this kind of collaboration has moved a many of nonprofit entities from obscure little companies into large organizations that render aid and other needed support to survivors of murdered precious members of families and friends. Help move our reach upward and outward to help more Victims….

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When we give back, it protects us. I believe our God may have designed it that way so that we don’t get arrogant or overly empowered by our gift of giving because giving should give more back to us than what we give, by enticing us to feel mightier, warmer, braver, and happier, giving us the sense that we can’t boast that we gave when we’ve already received so much back. Being a Cheerful Giver is to live a Cheerful life. We welcome you as a Partner in our Circle of Giving…