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“It is time for our Intelligent Americans to come up with a plan to wipe out murder in our homeland and Stormm’s Publishing House has devised a new niche to do just that. This new niche is untapped…No competition for sales and the marketing plan is copyrighted. Come on board if you care about solving aggregated violence and murder in our Nation while you earn record commissions. We seek Sales agents who are “Spiritual” “Passionate” and “Convicted”. With this combination, working with the mega and large churches in our Nation will reap prosperity in every way. Talk with us to see if we fit, then take the world by STORMM.”

You are invited to become part of an International Movement, starting in America. The push to reduce murder in our Homeland. For the most ominous of reasons, we have adopted a ruthless, antiquated method to fight the nightmare of murder and mayhem and it has only increased this kind of atrocity.

Today we must mind the store in our lives. You can’t afford to make this your life’s work if it doesn’t put food on your tables, hence the movement to draw to this movement the greatest sales agents of the trade. Come to unheard of commissions, an untapped market, and fulfillment that dazzles the senses. Apply here on our website to be directed to our team leaders. Thank you

How many of us out here can point to the book that changed our world? When I ponder, I have read quite a few that changed my world. Void of any single one of these books, Aasia Stormm would be a different person today. I don’t believe I would have survived my journey, which was a challenging path; I needed every bit of wisdom that came my way, because I grew, and expanded as a person as a direct result of the words I read in books.

If you know that you have the kind of wisdom that can change worlds, email us to receive a publishing kit, our compliments. We look forward to seeing you on the book circuit as a Published Author.

Ms. Stormm

Let me state unequivocally that there is no such thing as the person who at age thirty-five suddenly changes from being perfectly normal then erupts into totally evil, disruptive, or murderous behavior.  The behaviors that are precursors to murder have been present and developing in that person’s life for a long, long time – since childhood.†– Robert Ressler,

You should read this book because you know you are accountable for protecting your Family and your Loved Ones; you can’t do that if you know nothing about murderous behavior and how it evolves. Read Exacerbate; From Victim to Killer because the treacherous people who heartlessly commit murder must be destroyed and in the Infamous words of Abraham Lincoln; “Do I Not Destroy My Enemies When I Make Them My Friendsâ€. This book is brought to you to change you; to make you want to do more, to make you realize that only YOU can reduce murder. As we heal these violators, we change our world, heightening the probability of walking peacefully into a safe future…Read this book to learn how to identify your enemy… 

It is high time that we remove fighting for equality, safety, and fair play out of the hands of the nonprofit community, or better said, that we, the commercial community, share the field in pursuit of Justice and Restoration in our homeland. We must give to all men that which aids in the elevating of all people. We can change the trend of worshipping the “status quo/celebrity” as if they are better than the next person. We must sell to the community that we are all special beings, and since this is such a rare concept; there be our rare and intriguing niche. Sell this product/service with this goal in mind and you will have built a platform that will not only draw millions of dollars in revenue to your bank accounts but will draw healing to your Nation. The combination of effort is phenomenal and we excitedly look forward to introducing it to our new upscale and talented sales team.

Let us band together to teach our world to “Never Give Up!, Never Cease Loving!, Always Care!, and Always Do Something!”. Your sales will top the chart and with every sale, not only will your commissions exceed any in related fields, but your personal impact on positive change will bring you incomparable joy.

Contact Stormm’s Publishing House, LLC by applying online at or going to most of the popular personnel search sites to look for “The Stormm House is Hiring” to apply for consideration.
Thank You for your interest in this new Niche and Happy Hunting.

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    I am honored and excited to be represented by Stormm’s Publishing House. I cannot wait to have them publish my second book. Thank you so much.
    -Aasia Stormm

    I am Aasia Gale Stormm, a victim of violence by way of the murder of my 7-year-old only son. We, Victims of Violence and Mayhem who have not only survived the terrors but have thrived after, must share our stories, wisdom, and power. From Pain Comes Gain. Sick people who were made ill by sick people can be healed. We must write it out. The first 1000 Stormm Authors will get the Book Genie free after signing up for the Literary course. Authors must share their stories by knowing how to tell their stories. Come to the AI world of Stormm’s Publishing House to become a Stormm Author…