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Stormm’s Publishing House originated from a struggling author’s need to be heard. She had a child snatched from her family violently when he was seven years old, a beautiful baby boy, her only son. She wrote her first book, screaming in the Mountains of Santa Barbara, California, on a Spiritual Retreat. She screamed her first book out of her soul and pushed it to press. She chose a publishing house called Authorhouse, which cost her a stretched budget of thousands more to purchase the features in their system, resulting in only the books she sold leaving the shelves. This went on for over 20 years; she hired expert after expert with the same or similar results. This may have seemed like a failure; it certainly did to her at times, but then she realized what she had learned and was continuing to learn, so she started to learn intentionally, paying for and studying publishing in boot camp after boot camp until she reached the light of clarity; then came Stormm’s…

With the writing and publishing of her most recent book, Exacerbate; From Victim to Killer, in 2019, came the birth of her Publishing House, Stormm’s Publishing House, where she built courage, tenacity, boldness, fierceness, and talent into its structure that she earned along the way. This author was and is Ms. Aasia Gale Stormm, Author Extraordinaire, who is trailblazing a new Publishing System that draws the author into the Stormm Family of Authors and into strategized participation in how their books and other crafts rise to the top. No author stands alone in the Stormm Family of Authors and Talents; Together We Stand!

OLLIE, the book genie, is inside the app; once he’s with you, he will never leave you.

Stormm’s Publishing built its own Department Store called My American Stormm at myamericanstormm.com. It will offer everything an eclectic talent in its family could desire in a shopping experience; why is that so? Once accepted into the Stormm family, the talent lists what they want in the store and has automatic family discounts. This “Cash Cow” for the House will cover the costs of added features in the Publishing House by profits from the store; THIS IS A DIFFERENT PUBLISHING HOUSE!

If you are interested in joining our family, go to our signup pages and submit your details and one of our kind representatives will respond to your inquiry. Thank you for Considering Stormm’s Publishing House, LLC out of Hollywood, California.

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Please register for the resilient right course at www.stormmisabrewing.com/the-new-stormm-authors and never look back; it’s full speed ahead…