Here’s How You Can Help

  • Give on our Funding Page. Since the crowdfunding industry has continued to grow and expand as a means of soliciting donations, product sales, and investments, with special focus on the nonprofits. It’s only natural that FMSO Inc. as a nonprofit organization, searched through the maze to find the best platform to take advantage of a crowdfunding by using the advanced platform’s fundraising and social media tools. It is our hope as a nonprofit, to bring our message to a much wider and even a much younger swath of the population than would otherwise be possible. However, it has not been a simple matter to pick from a list of interchangeable platforms that grows vaster every day to and get started because, not all crowdfunding websites are created equal. Some crowd funders are designed purely for creative/business projects and would not be used for nonprofit fundraising, while other platforms do specifically cater to us, the nonprofit market. Some platforms have very strict guidelines that will not allow us to collect the money raised unless we reach our goal, while others let you keep whatever you raise regardless. Some platforms charge a percentage of what you raise as a fee charging more if we fall short of our funding goal, while others charge a flat monthly fee to use their services.

    We are not asking for government funding or grant funding. Because we want to work up close and personal with the community via the workplace and through personal conviction. There in nothing greater than a joyful giver. We won’t get that invigorating involvement working through the rigidity of government guidelines.

    So, we searched many hours to find a platform to facilitate clarity and trust for our donors as it gives them ease of use. So, give easily and confidently to our cause using one of the most reliable and technically advanced charitable giving systems available. We thank you for your heart to give. Our research brought us to the gateway of Mightycause. Research this agency to see that our choice was wise.

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  • Plant a tree in Honor of a murdered victim of violence or Make a quilt in remembrance of Victims of Violence. In remembrance of our Loved Ones gone before us, we invite you to plant a tree in their Honor. This tree will commemorate life and love for you and all your friends and relations. This not only Honors you and your Family, but this act Honors every Victim of Violence everywhere. We also invite you to start a quilt club to make quilts for the care of Families left behind after Loved Ones have been murdered. We will auction the quilts for Feed My Sheep Outreach Inc.’s work with Murder Victims/Families. Let us today, in our time of need, give Honor 7x what we would have given in our pasts. Please find empathy in your hearts for Families of murder victims. They need to know you care. In Prayer, in action, these people are hurting. We are partnering with the National Forest Foundation.

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  • Purchase a L.O.V.E. Dart Ink Pen. I have designed a lovely little ink pen with a heart on top that says, “I L.O.V.E.†is an acronym that represents, Love Overpowering Violence On Launch Day, it will be all about Love. Purchase your pen to say you care about those who are left behind the violent departure of their Loved Ones. 50% of profits goes to FMSO Inc., an Agency that searches for Victims of Violence to give them L.O.V.E. This pen is a gold colored replica of the gold and platinum pen awarded to our Gold and Platinum Corporate Donors. Though it is a little guy in our Heart Pen Family, it is still a pen that’s been Prayed over and it is still a pen that represents Love for Victims of Violence.

    A pen with a gold colored tip and black ink.

  • Purchase a Purple Ribbon in Remembrance of a Murdered Loved One. This Ribbon will have the name of your Loved one inscribed with a personal quote from you.

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  • Volunteer to deliver L.O.V.E. Baskets to families or murdered victims of violence or to man phones to help direct Victims of Violence to the matched sources to help with healing. We ask that all adults consider what it would be like if you had a part of your life ripped away by violence and someone showed up at your door with a LOVE Basket and a heart filled with Love. We will not show up at the doors of hurting Families with simple non-invested Baskets, we will knock on their doors to say L.O.V.E. with a basket to dazzle them as they need to be dazzled.

    It is easy to overlook the plight of families who have suffered through or are suffering through the murder of Precious Loved Ones, be the victim Family or Friend, the pain is insufferable. Victims need our help just as we would need their help if when we are victim to this devastation. Volunteer to take a LOVE Basket to the doors of Victims of Violence. Let them know you are thinking of them, that you care about what they are suffering through, and that this beautiful basket is your way of communicating this to them…

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    Volunteer repetitiously; be a volunteer parent to displaced children, be recognized as a giver with “I Volunteer†buttons. Receive Volunteer recognition gifts and wear a volunteer vest. “I Volunteer†is what you want to become known for, which is not a little thing.

  • Donate and ask your company to match your Donation. Seeing our vision of Peace in our Nation will spark interest and action from people in and out of your life. Together, we can change the face of murder in our Nation. We can push that foul enemy back into the darkness where it belongs. We have allowed its existence for so long that it has become arrogant. Just watch the interviews of mass murderers and you will be appalled at what you see. The arrogance is palpable and insulting. Help us awaken our Nation and then bring us all to the front lines of this fight to regain control of our Peace.

    Purchase my new book that houses the “how to participate†directions for getting involved in the fight to reduce murder in our Nation, as it reveals the process of mutation of perpetrators of murder, proving that these humans who mutated into monsters are actually victims also. Then the book shows the reader how we, as Americans, can reduce murder in all our communities. Exacerbate; From Victim to Killer by Aasia Stormm. 30% of the sale will go to FMSO Inc. Release date is February 14, 2020. This date was selected because as brutal as this book is, it is all about Love so what greater day for its release than the first Valentine’s Day of the New Decade? This is not the final front cover for the book; that cover will surprise and amaze you, but it is a sneak preview with just a hint of what’s coming…

  • Visit our website as often as possible. We track the numbers which directly impacts our funding. Traffic, traffic, traffic, is what our new website needs are. Visit and stay awhile. Yes, we hope you will order a book, contribute to our nonprofit arm, view our Shining Stars page that gives you just a glimpse of the beautiful souls whose lives were cut short after a violent attack.


    Participate in the L.O.V.E. Walk next July 9th and each year possible thereafter. To participate in our 1st annual walk, the only requirement is to exit your door and head North. You will pledge to walk or run 5 miles. During this walk, there will be actions taken, such as greeting passersby to say something about neighborhood and brotherly love. This will be a “Walk to Rememberâ€

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  • Give a car to charity and name FMSO as the Charity of Choice. We have partnered with Cars for Charity and invite you to contribute your car to this charity choosing FMSO Inc. as your Charity of Choice. Many of us have that extra car that’s just a headache as opposed to what it once was to us, a car in service. Contributing such a car to Charity can support our cause and we humbly thank you for your support.

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