Stormm’s Publishing House is the “Rolls Royce†of Publishing Houses. “The fACE MASK†is the fuel that WILL make it run like a well-oiled machine. Every 100,000 Face masks sold will distribute 100 survival kits to homeless people in America. These survival kits will have a portable stove, toilet, shower, lamp, heater, fan, bed, and a beautiful new durable tent.

This Face mask is like no other. We have researched to find the mandates that OSHA and other health agencies require for official face masks and we have added more safety features. Then we have retained a renowned fashion designer to design the mask for any occasion. From the sports enthusiast to the celebrity, we have your mask. will have the same positive impact on every CFO member to raise the mentality and the brawn of an entire nation as we grow throughout the world.