Stormm’s House

Our Beautiful Country is overwhelmed by violence and mayhem. We have gone out on lovely outings in the cool of the morning, or the warmth of the evening with our Families and Friends to wonderful events, such as a marathon or a Church function, just knowing that we are attending a lovely event, out with the Family, only to be devastated by the catastrophic murder of our most treasured Loved Ones. It takes time to heal and most times in this busy world; we don’t have neighbors to help us heal from such trauma, so we get sicker. FMSO Inc. is here to help. The CEO knows firsthand how difficult it is to heal from this level of trauma; it is so debilitating that we can’t do what seems natural and that run get help, no, we just get sicker. Our workplaces, churches, and everywhere else in America is overrun by Victims of Violence. Our Nation is home to countless Victims of Violent Crime while we treat each other as if we haven’t been traumatized. We all need help to overcome the Violent attacks we have suffered through, such as 9/11 or the Boston Marathon Murders and so many more attacks,

America is not a large country in space or in number of citizens; yet we are allowing our neighbors to be murdered as the trail of murder is progressing toward all our doors. In 2019 America has attacked by more than 370 mass shootings. I ask that you visit Gun Violence Archives to examine this nonprofit group’s data archived from investigating and tracking shootings and by examining their characteristics here in the United States of America. Because it is time for us Americans to use our brilliance for the benefit of protecting ourselves and our Loved Ones, we should even get our lingo together by the practice of having something to say about murder. Talk murder and how to prevent it in our daily conversations. Go to such expert systems as, The Congressional Research Service, The Washington Post, or even sources like Mother Jones or Crowdsourced to learn how to talk murder prevention.
America is respected as an educated sophisticated Country because we walk in life with certain convictions, certain language, and a unique style, so we must learn the language and style of being a Country who put a stop to violence and mayhem that was destroying the lives of our fellow Citizens. We must train ourselves to become aware of our environment, not to be invasive, but to be watchful and caring. When we begin to see each other as valuable Americans living in the Home of the Brave, the Land of the Fee, we begin to wear the strong, loving, impressive, and attractive style of a Country that says with finality, “Enough is Enough!â€

Feed My Sheep Outreach is spearheading a movement to jumpstart a healing “masterpiece†of a system of caring for our neighbor that will touch the hearts or every American. We will spearhead a movement that will help the millions of Victims, who are left behind the murder of loved ones, feel loved and supported.

We will reduce murder when we first honor those left behind then together, we all work together to change law; but first, we heal the injured in our Nation; then like the warriors we all are, we will unite to install new law and directives to make our homes safe again. We are partnering with experts who know how to heal broken hearts and Spirits with the following methodologies:

Massage: Massage is amazingly soothing for the soul, yet most Americans use the art of therapeutic massage as if it is a luxury when it is a necessity. The body its own healing powers tucked inside traveling endorphins and massages can speed up healing…

Mental Health: In America and throughout the entire world, people need the healing expertise of Mental Health Professionals. We, at Feed My Sheep Outreach Inc. will get you to the right agency. Our Benevolent arm, Stormm’s Publishing House will scan the world in search of skilled clinicians and advocates who we will directly connect with to ensure that every visitor has access to the Mental Health services needed. Our family will connect our friends and visitors to You because we care.

Theta Healing: Is amongst the most powerful of healing techniques, I believe in Theta Healing because it is a process of meditation that is focused on the creator of all. This type meditation has a track record or healing people of many serious dis-eases. When we focus on the higher being, the Maker of all that is created, we connect to everything that being has created that heals the mind, body, and soul. We can connect to this power through focused and energized Prayer.

A Spiritual traveler known as Vianna is the developer who brought this miracle medicine to the forefront of the healing industry and we thank her. I have found it to be the best tool in my shed or my arsenal against mental disease. The trauma to my life was severe and the medicine that helped me through that maze was my connection to the Great God. Theta Healing helps us find our way to that path. The Creator of All will not only help us to create physical healing, but it will also help us to progress spiritually, and find our pathwat to enlightenment. Vianna believes and through my experiences, helped me to believe that Theta Healing is spontaneous healing.
Our unique Planes of Existence provides us with the conceptual framework to understand how and why our creator works on the spiritual and spiritual levels, and how that work relates to us on our mental, spiritual, psychical, and emotional levels. It is critical to living quality life to understand how to connect with our Creator. Whatever we call Him/Her/Them, we need to connect!

Theta Healing Professionals believe that there are Seven Planes of Existence. These planes are both unseen and seen forces of the cosmos that define dimensions of our universe and go beyond it. This dimension is so vast that our human mind can’t tolerate the view so we must get ourselves into an abstract state to comprehend them. The place we need to be is the Theta State of mind which enables us to perceive these wonderful and inexplicable forces that in comes through the Creator of All.

We will also introduce you to the following: Holistic Healing; Healing Hands; Spiritual Healing; Reika Healing; Chinese Herbology; and Pranic Healing. When you visit this site, we want you to leave feeling hope because hope never fails.